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pack pendant
The Home of CaparoClan
Yr mid ur
9th-Feb-2008 02:38 pm - Is a community!
Neat. :-)

A side question: Where do all the userpics come from that have the House crest on bottom and some pithy saying on top?
9th-Feb-2008 09:34 pm - So. Pack is taking over LJ, eh?
We are the Pack who LiveJournal,
We just stay at home and talk in chat,
And when you ask us to do anything,
We just tell you,
9th-Feb-2008 05:31 am - Hey look!
rock my socks
It's a... a something! A community! Yeah, that.

And yes, I'm only posting here because I have NO idea whatsoever how LJ works, and I'm trying to figure it all out.

Even though I really should be sleeping, you know...
9th-Feb-2008 02:16 am - I LIIIIIIIIVE!
Aha, so this is how it works.
9th-Feb-2008 12:51 am - Woo! Pack on LJ!

*does a dance* 

*singsongs* Pack on elllljaaaaaay, Pack on ellllljaaaaaay!

Alright. Done with that. :P

So yeah. Woo. 

9th-Feb-2008 03:41 am - First!
Sarisi Eye
Heh, okay, so, here's a pointless post because the page looks so empty. Woot Pack LJ!

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